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Bird Netting

Bird Netting - Domestic and Commercial Orders - Dine a Chook ®

If you own fruit trees, an orchard, vineyards or a beautiful garden then Bird Netting is a Must. Made using Quality Polyethethlene it is strong, durable and UV resistant. Our lighter netting is ideal for gardens and vegetable gardens. The heavier duty netting is commercial grade. The Heavier netting is ideal for Fruit Orchards, Fruit Trees. When you don't have predators like foxes, the heavier duty netting is also ideal as a substitute for Chicken Wire. All of our 42gsm Bird Netting comes with a 10 year warranty so you can shop with confidence. 

Dine-A-Chook also offer Bulk Netting services. So if you have an individual requirement we cut to order. Large and small orders welcome.  If you need guidance please call as we are here to help you make the right choice. 

How to choose the best bird netting for your orchard or garden

Are you shopping for the best bird netting but don’t know what type you need? Dine-A-Chook only specialises in the very best Quality Bird Netting. We make it easy for you to make the right choice. Obviously it all comes down to what you want to use the net for. There are three simple things you need to consider first.

Netting Weight

The weight of bird netting is measured in GSM – Grams per square meter. The higher the GSM, the heavier the netting.

Commercial Weight Netting – 42 GSM

Our commercial quality netting is an industry-leading product of exceptionally high quality. It is fully guaranteed for 10 years and is already being used by commercial vineyards and fruit growers throughout NSW and Victoria.

Our 42 GSM anti bird netting:

  • Is made of UV-stable polyethylene for a working life of 10+ years.

  • Is flexible and lightweight, making it perfect for any application.

  • Is a knitted mesh, making it a wildlife friendly product that won’t cut into entangled animals like lower weight nets.

  • Will not fray when cut.

Commercial weight netting is recommended for any large scale or permanent projects, as well as anywhere that:

  • The netting is very exposed to the elements

  • The safety of wildlife or pets is of concern

  • The netting will be subject to stress

This includes all commercial applications and a variety of home projects.

Domestic Weight Netting – 10 GSM

Domestic quality netting has a lower GSM, so will not last as long as commercial quality netting. However, it is a cheaper product and well-suited to short term applications, use in sheltered areas, or where it is of particular importance that the netting not be visible.

Our 10 GSM anti bird netting:

  • Is made of UV-stabilised extruded polyethylene with a working life of 4-6 years.

  • Is solid and durable for several growing seasons.

  • Is practically invisible!

  • Will not fray when cut.

Our lightweight netting is recommended for:

  • Garden use

  • Netting individual trees or shrubs

  • A pond cover to keep water leaf-free

  • Domestic use preventing pest birds from roosting in eaves or entering buildings.


Bird netting width

Our domestic and commercial weight bird control netting comes in either 5 or 10 metre widths.

Domestic-quality, extruded plastic netting needs to be stretched and fixed to reach its full width.  

Bird Netting Colour

Most bird netting is available in either black or white. Both of these colours have various benefits, depending on the application.

Black netting:

Blends into the environment, making it a great choice for the house and yard. It is practically invisible from a distance, so is particularly good for domestic use where you do not want it to interfere with the view.

White netting:

Is said to be more visible to birds and bats, and therefore prevents them from landing on the net and becoming tangled.


For more information:

Call our helpful staff for personal service and project consultation. We offer competitive process for bulk orders. Custom-cut netting is sent Australia-wide daily.


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Simply select from our Menu the Bird Netting Choice which is right for you. 

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