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White Bird Netting - 5 Metre Wide - 10 GSM

White bird netting for domestic use 

A lightweight, white anti bird netting (10 GSM) that is recommended for domestic use. This netting is perfect for in and around the house, and to protect your trees and garden. Practically invisible agaisnt a white background and visible to wildlife when used on plants. 

10 GSM bird netting is recommended for use including:

  • In sheltered areas, e.g. in and around buildings

  • In the garden, such as vegetable netting, on trees and shrubs, or as a chicken run 

  • As a pond cover to keep the water free of debris

Free consults available - call us today to talk about your bird netting needs - 0432 143 005.

We offer personalised service to all of our customers and competitive prices on bird netting. Custom cut netting shipped daily Australia-wide.