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G’day Guys,

I always reckon a bit of good feedback is a good thing as so often in todays busy world there is a lot of negativity and most people only like to give bad feedback.

So, here is some good feedback.

I have been using your chicken drinker for a while now and I am very happy with it.It works!

Recently an elderly friend of mine was having lots of trouble with Satin Bower birds and as he is not on a computer and not living near a Bunnings I decided to buy the chicken feeder for him. It solved his problem IMMEDIATELY !

I was so impressed that I bought one myself as I was in the midst of a Satin Bower bird invasion as well.My problem was solved IMMEDIATELY as well. No more birds at all. Not a one!

I am very impressed with the outcome and obviously I am not using nearly as much feed now.

A job well done guys and made in Australia.

Thank You kindly,
Tony Walker.


Hello Ryan 

I just wanted to let you know that I did go ahead and purchase your feeder, and it has worked very well with sparrows.

I did speak to you on the phone about the need for it to deter sparrows as well and you told me about adding the fishing line if needed, but that has not been required at all. The minute we put your feeder up the entire wild bird population (rosellas, saturn bower birds, currawongs and sparrows) vanished overnight....brilliant!  

I would strongly encourage you to advertise on your website that your feeder deters sparrows as well. Perhaps you have only sold to two people (now 3) who had sparrow problems because your site does not indicate your feeder deters them? I know I almost skipped over your site when looking for a feeder because it did not state it stopped sparrows when other sites did.

Thanks for your feeder, it was very reasonably priced and well worth the money spent. I also really like that it was a creative idea by a backyard Australian, and has stayed Australian Made, Australian owned Smile emoticon




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We've been using the Dineachook feeder and drinker for a period of 3 months now and it's saved a lot of mucking around feeding the chooks in the cold and muddy conditions of late.

It's good to know that, even if the weather is less than average, there is a ready supply of fresh water and feed available for the girls!

Your products are working well!

We'd love to have one of your Drum Drinkers and the photo of our set-up is attached.

Chicken Feeder Installation Brisbane
"Thanks to everyone at Dine-a-chook for a great product and excellent service. I purchased the Feeder / Drinker package a few months ago. It took approximately 10 minutes to install and the chooks worked out how to use them within a few hours.  I (and the chooks) loved the product so much that I bought another Feeder / Drinker package to install in the coop. The new mounting bracket system is a great idea and makes them very easy to remove for cleaning.  Both my my feeders are in the weather and I no longer have issues with wild birds or rain getting into the feed. With the quality of these feeders I doubt they will ever need replacing."

Pete, Brisbane. (photos below)

Chicken Feeder Installation Brisbane

"The chook feeder is fantastic and all of my chooks are now using it. I have five different breeds from a Silkie to an Australorp and all have learnt how to feed from it successfully without the mess of usual feeders. My feed bill has halved and rodents are now a thing of the past because of it's clever design."

Chicken Feeder Chicken Feeder Chook Feeder

From Michael - Junction Hill NSW

You are a legend, you have bent over backwards to accommodate my needs and got my order cut, packed and shipped within 20 mins of ordering. Very Highly recommended.

Chook Feeder - Sarah Chicken feeding from Chook Feeder

Hi Ryan, thanks for the great service. Your ability to build what I was after and arrange delivery so quickly is greatly appreciated by me and the 'girls'. Thanks again, Sarah

Dear Dine-a-Chook


I just wanted to pass on my feedback.  I have had the feeder installed for two days.  Some birds are very unhappy, and some are very happy. 


The pigeons and sparrows don’t know what to do with themselves!  Before we would have hordes of them flying in when I put out food.  Now they are getting none.  It is fantastic.  I still keep checking to see if the birds have figured it out, but I am fairly sure they couldn’t fit in it – especially not the doves / pigeons.


The chooks took about half a day to be really comfortable eating out of it.  I have 4 full size chooks and I bantam.  I have adjusted the height to suit the bantam, but she has no problems at all.  In fact, I think it is great for the two different sized birds, because she would be picked on and pecked away before.  Now she may get a peck on the back when she is eating, but now it is only on her back.  And I know now, that she can go back to feeding when the others are finished and she won’t miss out.


I have even found it can be portable.  I tie it up in their run during the day, and just relocate it out in the backyard when they want to free range.  No problems.  Yet to work out a more portable fixing solution than tying up!


Overall, very, very happy with the product.  Even my husband is impressed.  We had chook food all over the shed floor before – now we have just about zero wastage.  Will keep you updated if we have any issues / comments, but thank you for a great product.  Have a great Easter!




I am so pleased with my Dine-a-Chook feeder and drinker set!! As a chook owner for just over 2 years, I have always been on the lookout for an inexpensive, reliable feeder. As a huge bonus, Dine-a-Chook is not wild bird or rodent friendly!

I purchased the feeder first, and as we were having so many problems with pigeons hanging around. This mean that we were wasting so much money on expensive feed, especially when we went away. We would have to put so much out in a container and hope that the chooks got some after they had finished. Not to mention the attraction of rats and mice.

The feeder arrived a few days before we had planned to go away on a 3 day holiday. Perfect timing! We set the feeder up, and straight away I could see that the pigeons would have no chance of getting into the feeder to perch, as well as not accessible to rats and mice. I was absolutely rapt with it!   We normally have someone to feed and check our five chooks, but after having the feeder set up for those few days, I knew I would not have to worry at all about their food supply when we were away.

When we got back, it still had lots of food in it. I didn't fill the feeder until it was empty. No refill was necessary until 6 days later! This is excellent piece of mind when you can't attend to the chooks (and knowing you don't have to!) Before I was going out to feed them about 4 times a day – so much wasted time. I would also go out to chase the pigeons away!   And then I knew they weren't getting all of it. I knew straight away that we were saving so much money on expensive food.

We use a layer mix, not pellet, and have found no issue with it moving through the pipe. I experimented a little with the height of the feeder. I have both standard and bantam chooks, but in no time I found the best height. I first temporarily tied the feeder up so I could adjust it, then used the fittings supplied after I found the right height. My little bantam leghorn is a bit cheeky, and I found if the feeder was too low, she could flick a little of the feed out. But making it so she had to reach up a bit, stopped the sweeping action of her beak that pushed the food out.

There are other bonuses with the feeder, too. I used to find having a mixed flock, the boss chook would always force the bantam away from the food and peck her on the head. Now, my bantam can feed whenever she wants to, knowing that she can go back when the bullies have had their share. Also, as their head is in the feeder, if she does get pecked, it is on her back, and not on her huge leghorn comb, which was getting peck marks all over it.

I also love the fact that the food is totally dry and protected from the rain. I know longer have to run out I the rain to put the food away, knowing that once the food gets wet, it can go sour.

Once of the main things that also is fantastic compared to some of the other options around (which are also very expensive), is the fact that there are no moving parts. This means it is maintenance free and weather-proof, but the main advantage is that there is nothing to scare the chooks when they are feeding. No clanging or opening and shutting. This means that it is very easy to train the chooks to use the feeder. My chooks learned to eat out of the feeder within minutes. They were a little dubious at first, and then I gently trained the calmest chook's head to the feeder so she could understand what it was there for. It wasn't long that when one started, the others followed.

We always had the plan to cover the chook yard as well to make it more secure from predators and safer when we are away. We purchased some netting from Dine-a-Chook and have installed it. It is fantastic quality, and I am sure it will last for years. At the same time I decided I should have purchased the feeder and water set – I was so taken on the quality and performance of the feeder. I purchased the the cup style drinker. At first I thought the chooks may have trouble operating it, but they also learned very quickly. It is fantastic as it is mounted right next to the feeder. They then have it on hand whenever they need a drink. I have put the both of them outside in their run where they spend most of the time (near their gate, where they wait to be let out!!). I find the Wet-a-Chook is excellent – no algae build up, lots of clean, fresh water. Make sure it is mounted not too low, as chooks can scratch up dirt into the cup. As a backup in the shed for at night, I have another high volume waterer. It is a good idea to have lots of water available.

Overall, I am a very happy chook owner with my Dine-a-Chook products. I cannot stop recommending them to other chook owners. As a bonus, I can actually see the improvement in my chooks too! They look so much sleeker, even my old ISA Brown who was a bit on the scrawny side has put on condition, too. Having unlimited food and water on hand is the best way to ensure happy, healthy chooks and the best egg supply possible!

Kerry, Adelaide